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We believe that just because we're an internet company doesnt mean we should hide behind our computers and make-believe aliases - we're happy for you to contact us by any number of means based on whats most convenient for you which is why we provide all the options below.

By Email
Our preferred method of contact but still not our only one - we like email because it's easy to keep track of and there's always a record of whats going on at any given time both for you and us. If you'd like to get in touch with us by email, just use

Internet Relay Chat, in its various forms, makes it very easy for people to communicate in real time to discuss a deal or a problem while allowing both parties to retain a record of the exact conversation, much like email, and an instantaneous response, just like talking. We consider it a happy medium which is why we let you contact us using whichever chat method you deem more appropriate - on IRC at, or on msn by simply adding to your contact list.

By Phone
There are always times when it's nice to be able to actually talk to someone at the other end of the line for the true personal touch. Although we consider it less useful than IRC for a number of reasons including logging, we feel that on occasion it's good to talk. If you'd like a chat, call us on 0871 9837287, or in emergencies on 07999 175 365.

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We place no limit on the amount of email accounts you can assign.