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Whether you're part of a hardcore gaming clan, or whether you and a group of friends just need somewhere regular to play for a bit of fun without the hassle of finding a public server with enough room and worthy enemies, our gameservers are ideal for you.

We have the facilities to provide servers for any network games out there, so if what you're looking for isnt in the list below then just give us a shout and see what deal we can do.

We currently provide servers for all varieties of HalfLife including: HL2MP, Counter Strike, CS:Condition Zero, CS:Source, Deathmatch Classic, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, and DoD:Source; Unreal Tournament variants including UT99 and 2004, and now MultiTheftAuto servers - the new multiplayer version of the hugely popular GTA.

As usual our servers are priced per player - and so are our extras - as we believe a group of mates with a friendly 10 player server shouldnt be forced to pay the same as an elite clan with a 20 player server to have the password or branding removed.

Just to keep things extra simple, all our listed servers are charged at only £1.75 per player (with the exception of UT2004 which is charged at £3/player), and debranding or password removal is charged at only 25p per player.

Transfer based accounts are available at a cost of only £1 per gigabyte, include their own dedicated IP address, and have the added benefit of allowing you to have as many players as you like for short periods of time - i.e. clan matches - while paying less than you would on a per-user basis. The IP address assigned to you may also be associated with other services we provide you to allow you a truly personal identifier.

This means you could have a 10 player gameserver with NO password and NO branding for only £22.50/month - dont fight the urge!


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