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Fancy a real-time chat with your mates without the hassle of typing or paying costly phone bills? Or do you need to remain in permanant contact with players while battling your way through a clan match to discuss tactics and provide up to the second advice

Perhaps you fancy getting yourself on the DJ circuit and need some practice or access to a worldwide audience?

If you're thinking "YES!", it sounds like you need an audio transmission service.

We can provide a range of voice servers including Ventrillo and Teamspeak, and the popular online DJ service Shoutcast. You can choose whether you want your service provisioned on a per-user or per-transfer basis.

Transfer based accounts include their own dedicated IP address, and have the added benefit of allowing you to have as many users as you like for short periods of time - i.e. clan meetings or mix sessions - while paying less than you would on a per-user basis. The IP address assigned to you may also be associated with other services we provide you to allow you a truly personal identifier.

As usual, the services are purchased in units to allow you to get the exact number you need - Ventrilo and Teamspeak users are priced at only 50p each, and Shoutcast at only 75p per user based on a 64k stream, or £1.25 per user based on a 96k stream. All bandwidth based services are provided at £1 per gigabyte of transfer.

If there are any audio servers you'd like to run but arent listed here, just contact us and see what we can do for you!


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